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The Origin platform is the backbone for streaming services, it is build for scale using cloud based tile recordings.
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We are trusted by industry leading companies


Times  less
hardware needed


per server


Egress per server

Origin platform

The most powerful and easy-to-use interface for configuration, operation, analysis and monitoring
Easy Integration
Consolidating IPTV/OTT
Cloud based scalability
40x higher performance
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Peter Grundström / Head of Streaming Technology Telia TV, C More, TV4, MTVa
“The modular and scalable design of the Scalcast solution caught our eyes a few years ago, and now with it fully in production we see that it lives up to it’s promised potential.”

Powered with a scalable deployment and user-centered interface

Our features and functions are built by industry experts with a close collaboration with the market.
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Scalcast Origin is using a flow that increases performance and allows scalability.

Live source
AVC/HEVCAAC,AC-3,AC-4, MPEGAEBU teletext, DVB bitmap
nPVR Tile recordings
VoD MP4/Smil
Multi screen
Apple HLS
EBU teletext, DVB bitmap

Image to text

Converting image based subtitles to text with the use of Optical Character recognition.
Harmonised subtitling
Man-in-the-middle conversion
OCR image to text
Integrated in Scalecast origin
Translate languages
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Stein Ivar Nilsen /  Video Acquisition & Distribution Manager
“I2t is a product that performs exactly as intended without any fuzz. In addition it's an easy product to setup and operate.”

Scalcast image to text is using a flow that enabels autopilot and automated translations.

MPEG/2 ts
MPEG/2 ts
MPEG/2 ts
MPEG/2 ts
MPEG/2 ts
MPEG/2 ts
MPEG/2 ts
MPEG/2 ts
MPEG/2 ts
MPEG/2 ts
“As the one of largest Nordic streaming companies in the Nordic region, we’re always on the lookout for new and innovative solutions to be used in our tech stack. The modular and scalable design of the Scalecast solution caught our eyes a few years ago, and now with it fully in production we see that it lives up to it’s promised potential. It’s truly a generation shift compared to the other solutions we’ve seen out in the market and we’re very happy with the choice of Scalstrm Scalecast as the heart of our Common Packager solution”
Peter Grundström
Head of Streaming Technology Telia TV C More, TV4, MTV
“The easy-to-use, scalable and modular architecture of Scalecast fits perfectly into the modern system architecture of Altibox’s brand new IPTV/OTT-ABR headend ”
Jarle Johnsen
Head of TV Technology
"One important design goal of the Tele2 streaming architecture is to use system components that does not introduce any unnecessary constraints and dependencies...
Niklas Westin
TV solution Architect

Please your customer, optimize your monitoring and gain market advantages


Scalstrm is a fast growing company that has made a significant impact in the industry with new generation media products. Our office is located in Stockholm but we operate worldwide.


The Scalstrm team has been operating in the media industry for decades. Our experience and track record has given us the advantages necessary to innovate and deliver.


Revolutionize the industry for content owners, allowing them to take control and truly monetize their content. Keeping the viewers on the edge of their seat, and our customers ahead of the game.

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